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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Round 43 - 01/18/11

Today was not good. Let’s just get that right out of the way. I was, uh…a little embarrassed. Last week I was watching some of the new guys in our gym getting instructed on how to row properly. I thought I had been doing it wrong this whole time and these last few days did what I thought I had observed the new guys doing...

Well, that was a little awkward, because apparently I was doing it very wrong now. Haha. One of the trainers came over and was like “stop that right now, that looks awful!” just teasingly and corrected me but ...yeah, embarrassing. I mean I’m glad they corrected me, I just kind of feel like an idiot for messing up something as simple as rowing. I should know how to row properly. I guess I wasn’t doing it “wrong enough” before to have anyone notice so today must have been really awful...

Ugh, okay. I feel a bit better. I had to get that off my chest. It’s not a big deal, right? No one’s going to remember how badly I was rowing for a day or two. I’ll get used to the proper technique and it’ll all be good. It’s really not as easy as it looks and I’ll just take it slow instead of worrying about a time.

Just...like I said. A little embarrassing.

Anyway, after that I was kind of second guessing myself the whole workout, which I didn’t like. We started off with presses and I only made it to a 5 rep max of 65lbs. I attempted 70lbs but I only managed to get 3 reps.

For the workout we did 5 rounds of 5 clean and jerks and 10 chest-to-bar pull ups. I had never done a clean and jerk before, but it’s basically a clean and press only you can jump into the press so you have some more power. My cleans started out okay but kind of wavered a little at the end. With my pull ups I started using just one band and ended up having to add another one because I wasn’t getting my chest all the way to the bar. I used 53lbs for the clean and jerks. I’ll be honest, this whole week has kind of shaken me a little. With my knee injury I’m wondering if I haven’t been squatting correctly or something...and now I’m wondering if I’m just trying to progress myself too quickly in general. The rowing thing was kind of the final straw. It’s not a great feeling...but maybe I’m just a little oversensitive today. Either way, it’s time to regroup. I think I need a day off. I’ve never had a workout program that was so reliant on technique where someone was there to watch you carefully and correct you so I’ve never felt like this before. Taking a step back will be good.

I hope you guys have a good night. I’ll let you know how it goes on Thursday (if I do go). Hopefully I have a better day. Haha.

- N


  1. No need to worry, apparently I don't row properly either. Was corrected by my trainer today; I have been at this for 3mons and thought my technique was correct. Plus, I almost greyed out and was feeling "pukey" (as my trainer put it) after a TABATA row. Haha not a shining moment for me. The last time this happened was my first training session. I put my feet up for a minute and was good to go again. But embarrassing nonetheless...especially with 4 trainers and their clients around to witness it. One even commented about me lying on the ground so I obviously I didn't go unnoticed. Great way to start your morning. Oh well, can't take it back now.

    Lesson learned for those ungodly early morning sessions: go to bed earlier (only got 3hrs sleep) and wake up with enough time to eat a proper pre workout meal and drink more water!! Funny how embarrassment influences changes in your behaviour.

    How are you doing? Did the you take the day off?

  2. @Kate

    Hahha okay, cool. I know i'm not alone and I normally don't have such a fragile ego but it was one of those days. I'm feeling better now.

    I didn't skip actually. i went Thursday and Friday I've just been lazy about writing my posts lately. I'll post a few in a row. At the end of the month I'm rethinking how I'll be structuring my posts anyway...

    Tabata row sounds brutal. Tabata on the treadmill was one of the worst workouts (but at least it was over fast).

    And i did run today (only 4.5 miles). My knee was tight for the last 1.5 but it's better than it's been. Those foam rollers are amazing! Hahah.